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Folding Drying Racks 

The R1. Our standard rack. 1.22m tall x 800mm long. Holds a standard 5 to 5.5kg load of washing.


The R2. 1.6m tall x 800mm long. Has fourteen rails for all those extra socks & smalls. 


The R3. 1.22m tall x 1m long. If you have the space, this is the rack for you. 

The R4. Our latest model, designed for smaller spaces. At 600mm long, it can extend to a maximum height of  1.8m, and folds neatly down into any nook or cranny.

R4 model01.jpg
R4 model02.jpg

We've shifted a lot of these over the years, and never get tired of people telling us how much they like them - for whatever reason: environmentally sound, elegant, functional design or just plain fun for the kids to make a fort under.

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